How I made 5 meals in 1 hour

Check out this blog post I wrote for Feed Your Vitality and learn how to make 5 meals in 1 hour!

Feed Your Vitality

By: Ali Brown, RD, LD

One common thing people tell me is that having healthy, homemade meals is inconvenient and time-consuming. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be! I want to share with you how I took 1 hour of my day, and had 5 healthy meals available for the week. You can certainly double what I did to make 10 meals, or quadruple it to have meals for your family.

Below you will see exact amounts for the ingredients that I used, but I want to stress that these amounts can be changed to accommodate your taste preferences and availability of foods. This menu is designed to be paleo-friendly, but you can easily add non-paleo items such as cheese and sour cream to accommodate your personal eating habits. I have made suggestions under each recipe for ways to make them approved for SHAPE ReClaimed.


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