Me vs. milkshakes

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if your body literally rejected your favorite foods? I never did either – until it happened to me. Why don’t the foods I love love me back? First world problems.

About three months ago I came to the realization that my body cannot tolerate dairy. Oh big deal, you say. Choose a dairy substitute – almond milk or cashew cheese, you say. My response: #kgirl

You try going without macaroni, tacos (because what is a taco without cheese) or pizza. When I realized that some of my “guilty pleasures” were causing me gut wrenching pain, gas and bloating I decided to try and ignore it. Rookie mistake. Turns out lactose is really resistant to being absorbed undigested. Unfortunately, my love for cheese doesn’t outweigh my stupid digestive system.

So now what? Now I have to decide if the food is worth it. Is having two pieces of greasy pizza worth farting on my boyfriend overnight? Even though it’s kind of funny, usually not. Is the cheese on my turkey sandwich worth being curled over on the sofa for hours? Hell no. Is that strawberry milkshake worth feeling nasty and bloated for the rest of the day? Well… sometimes 🙂

Yes, I’m still jealous when my friends and family get to “nom nom” on foods that will make me sick. But I’m adapting. And learning that coffee really is better without milk or cream.



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