Lazy, hungry and careless

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t? Can’t change out of your pajamas. Can’t leave your apartment. Can’t make yourself eat a vegetable. And certainly can’t go to the gym.

I’m having one of those days. But I’m supposed to be an example of good health. Three days a week I teach college students about proper nutrition, about causes of obesity and chronic disease, about taking care of your body. I published a book with the intent of keeping others healthy. I work for a company that strives to support people in their journey to good health. So why can’t I stop thinking about Taco Bell? God, what I’d do for a mini shredded chicken quesadilla. And a soft taco. And a crunchy taco.

I have a refrigerator full of vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. I really could make a meal. A delicious meal, that would keep my eating habits truthful to what I tell others they should be eating. I have pinterest boards with thousands of healthy recipes. I could try something new today. Make soup. Create a smoothie. Or finally try that cauliflower alfredo recipe that I’ve been drooling over for the past month.

My brain is full of so many concrete ideas that would make me feel satisfied tomorrow. But my heart.. my heart is longing for a greasy, fat-filled, mystery meat meal that will make my stomach ache too soon after. And my middle school jam always told me to “Listen To Your Heart” – thank you Roxette.

So for now it’s off to “the bell”. After all, MyFitnessPal is telling me I have 1,128 calories left for the day. Sure, I could spend those on 7 avocados, 564 grape tomatoes or even 14 pouches of tuna – but not today. Today I am lazy, hungry and careless.

I hope I don’t see any of my students there.


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